About me and my blog

My name is Pablo Aretxabala.

I was born in 1970 in a little village of Bizkaia (Basque Country – Spain) named Balmaseda. Now I live in the beatiful coasting city of Getxo.

I am married and I have two lovely children.

I studied law in Deusto University and also I am MBA in enterprise administration.

In my professional career I have been Organization and Finances Coordinator of Ezker Batua Berdeak in Basque Country, CEO of my own enterprise named Euskoasesores and from the last seven years CEO of a great public company dependent on the Regional Government of the Basque Country.

Now I am part of the team of Koldo Saratxaga in K2K Emocionando: we try to manage companies with a different style of relationship in order to achieve extraordinary results. Specifically, now I am General Coordinator of Itziar’s Plant in Nicolás Correa, S.A. a great company that manufactures milling machines.

This is the thirth period of my blog Hontza (Owl in basque language); if you want, you can see the first and the second period. Perhaps you are wondering why I write my blog in English… the answer is in the first of my posts here.

3 comentarios sobre “About me and my blog

  1. Buenas noches,
    Por favor, Puedes borrar un comentario que hice el 2008 (Lidia08/01/2008 en 15:34••Responder → ) el anunciado era La quiebra familiar.
    Muchas Gracias.


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